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[wīld], adj. - the untamed. the unknown. the intuitive Self.
[ˈōkər], n. - our ancestors. our record-keeping. our wonderment.

Intuition, untamed. Subconscious exploration. Wild|Ocher exists as a tool and a system of support for those brave enough to embark on that life-long journey to the center of the Self. In true Shamanic fashion, when we venture into the shadow-lands within, it is best to go with a guide - a protective spirit who knows better the ins-and-outs of the astral, the ancestral, and the internal.

Your spirit guides, angels, and animal totems seek to assist you from within; Wild|Ocher, from without. As our ancient ancestors before us, let us leave our mark on the walls of our caves, our safe-spaces. Let us share the knowledge we've gained as we explore what shapes our world. Let us help you build your compass, get to know your tools, and find your personalized intuitive development practices.



     AMANDA is an intuitive development practitioner specializing in tarot, reiki, and intuitive guidance. She began her journey into the unknown at a young age. Her potent dreams helped to shape her understanding of the subconscious reality - providing a training ground of sorts that would pave the way for greater intuitive development.

     AT THE AGE of 14, her dreams began to speak to her with much more clarity - often showing her images of things to come. This prophetic tendency is what led her to purchase her first tarot deck - and therefor to take her first step in actively building deeper connections to her intuitive voice and guides. With no physical-realm teachers, Amanda relied on extensive anthropological research to fuel her exploration, spending much of her time buried in a book at the library or online.

     IN 2014, she received Reiki Mastership certification under the tutelage of her sensei, Brett Bevel, in the Usui Reiki tradition. She believes that helping others find their own intuitive voice is the best possible way to help develop and create deeper connections with her own - as teacher and student are roles that are always shared simultaneously.

     AMANDA'S work has led her to the path of service, providing Kundalini support and crystal consultations, energy healing classes and intuitive development workshops. She has managed holistic wellness centers and spa's in her professional career, and - as its founder - hopes to build W|O into a one-stop-shop for all your safe-space building and online holistic support needs.




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Wild|Ocher is a mobile service! Our sessions take place online, via video-chat or phone.


We are currently located in Rhinebeck, NY for in-person sessions until October 28th. Please email for details or to learn about our next location.




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