WE HOPE TO DEDICATE $5/$10 out of every monthly subscription to a new human rights or environmental sustainability campaign each quarter. We want our practice to help support your own inner journey - while you help us to support our global community.

WE LOVE 'Dig Deep' for its simple, transparent, grassroots structure. Every dollar spent either directly funds the non-profit's operational costs, or helps a family in need receive solar power and clean, running water for their home.

OUR GOAL after launching is to raise at least $4,500 through box sales - the amount needed to purchase and install a full home system for one American family. 


IT WOULD TAKE 900 Wild|Ocher Foundation boxes to reach our quarterly goal - 300 monthly subscriptions over 3 months - OR 450 Anchor boxes, at 150 monthly subscriptions over 3 months. A lofty goal for a business' first launch, but a highly worthy one!

READ ON for information directly from NavajoWaterProject.org about their incredible efforts to bring health and hope to every Navajo home.

Navajo Nation Population 2010
Families without running water
Poverty rate for children


Navajo are 67 times more likely than other Americans to live without running water or a toilet. That's an injustice.

Many Natives can't get enough clean water, creating a cycle of poverty that limits health, happiness, educational opportunity, and economic security.

These communities have had enough.


The Navajo Water Project is a community-managed utility alternative that brings hot and cold running water to homes without access to water or sewer lines.

It's the first system of its kind in the United States.


We develop new water sources where water will be pumped, treated and stored. We then deliver that clean water to people's homes by truck. We'll also provide free water access to local families right from the wells. Right now, their closest source of safe water can be up to 100 miles round-trip .


Every week, we install 2-3 'Home Water Systems' that bring hot and cold running water into client homes. The water we deliver is safely stored in 1200 gallon tanks buried underground and pumped into the home. In homes without electricity, we also install a solar power system that runs the pump and lights inside. We install 2-3 systems a week.


We operate two water trucks that deliver water to hundreds of families across 7 Chapters on the Navajo Nation, five days a week. Before the project began, our average client was getting 1-7 gallons of water a day. Now, Darlene 'The Water Lady' and our other drivers deliver more than 30. 


Like every DIGDEEP project, this program is community-led. Community members and local leaders advise the project through quarterly meetings of The Water Council. Homeowners contribute to their systems and are trained to maintain them. The community will manage the finished project in partnership with our partner, St. Bonaventure Mission.